Testimonial from Larry M.
I am happy to recommend the Balanced for Fitness Studio and its programs.  I am beginning my fifth year of enrollment and my wife is now in year 7, so we are familiar with the approach and with the instructor, Andi Hibbert.

I have benefited greatly from Andi‘s approach.  She is very steady and consistent in her approach, has a clear idea of what works and doesn’t work, and is very supportive of her students.  She has a good knowledge of how various muscles work (and sometimes don’t work) and takes an individualized approach to instruction, often demonstrating what is needed herself.

She offers a wide range of classes.I have been enrolled in the Strength and Balance class, which is mostly stretching.  My wife has been taking Pillates..  Other classes include TRX and Spinning.  The classes are generally small, which allows Andi to provide individualized instruction.  She also offers private sessions.

I enthusiastically recommend her approach and program.  My only regret is that I did not enroll sooner.

Larry Minear
testimonial from Lezli R
“The hardest thing about effecting change is not so much recognizing the need for it, but simply deciding where to start …
The winter of 2015 was a recipe for fitness disaster: the epic cold-induced inactivity along with stressful transitions in my personal and professional life led to an uncomfortable weight gain that actually changed my sense of self. Something had to be done!
Joining Andi’s Barre Fusion class was just the path I needed to gently begin reclaiming a healthy weight and improved comfort in my own skin … and, in my brand new size two jeans! Balanced4Fitness offers a supportive environment where change begins! “ 


Testimonial from client S.G.

“I want you to know that since I started with you 2 years ago I have dropped about 20 lbs and lost inches. i had put on a lot of weight prior to my husbands sickness and after his death needed to get back in shape and it also was a social thing for me to get out and be with people each day. I love the Pilates class and am trying to work daily on strengthening those tummie muscles to do a sit up  with out having the heels held down.”

Testimonial from client Dawn L.

“”Three years ago, I fell down my stairs and was left with an injury that made it too painful for me to run anymore.  Running was my form of regular exercise and it kept me in good shape, or so I thought.    For a year and a half, I tried in vain to get help so I could get back to running and exercising.  All I found was a slew of bad advice from doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists.   I got lucky when I met a professional runner who suggested I try working out on the pilates reformer to even out my muscle imbalances to relieve some of my pain..

I contacted Andi two years ago and have not regretted a class or training since.  I have watched my body change drastically over the past two years and it is all thanks to Andi and her immense knowledge of fitness and training.  I no longer struggle or deprive myself to achieve a more fit, lean body.  Exercise has turned into a treat and not a chore of daily life.

The most important thing I believe that I have learned from Andi is core strength.   Core strength is something that I never knew much about or paid attention to.  I wish I had.  I always believed I had “back issues” for which I saw a chiropractor once a week.  I have not gone back nor needed to since meeting Andi.   I am back to running again and ironically I like my new exercises with Andi more than running.   I feel my accident was a blessing because I could never have achieved this level of fitness on my own.   I hate to sound like a cliche’ but I wish more people could understand what a benefit it is to have someone like her in their life.  I will forever be indebted to her for what she has given me.  I would like to think I will always be a part of her studio.  However, I am confident that no matter where I am,  I will always be a much stronger and healthier person because of the tools she has given me.”  Thank you Andi!!!!

Hi Andi,
Great article in the Chronicle yesterday. I hope it brings you more
business. It was very well done and I feel proud that I attend your


Aqua Pilates Class
I Just completed a ten week Aqua Pilates session with Andi through Nauset Adult Ed.
No two sessions were exactly the same;
Andi’s joy and energy were contagious, and each hour flew.
Her directions are clear, her pacing just right.
Thanks for all of your energy, hard work, and enthusiasm. I thoroughly enjoyed
the Friday morning Aqua Pilates and hope that you will offer this course again.
JoAnn Phillips, Brewster April 2009

Anne LeMaitre (Nauset Adult Ed Booklet) wrote:

“Pool Pilates was very exciting and challenging. A first in this area Andi really did her homework to make it enjoyable and fun for all ages. It is probably the only fitness class I ever took that was over before I knew it. I definitely was not a clock watcher in this class. Andi knew how to motivate each student, all at different levels, while making sure everyone was benefiting from the class. Thank you for making my winter workouts interesting and fun. Glad I found you.” Anne LeMaitre


I truly enjoy every class I’ve taken with Andi. The pilates class is great and the first class ever that I haven’t had to give up because of back problems. She knows what she’s doing!

Intermediate Pilatesby Linda

I was an age 55+ Curves dropout (too boring) when I took my first Pilates class  with Andi. Her enthusiasm and focus on technique has kept me motivated for over 2 years. I look forward to my weekly small group session which is always a wide variety of Pilates exercises and never boring.

Mat Pilates Studentby Mykee, August 20, 2008
This is the first exercise class that has delivered the results I’m looking for. Andi keeps an eye out to make sure all participants safely get the mazimum benefit within their range of expertise. Her style is warm and encouraging. I
leave her Pilates class calm, yet energized. Highly recommend

by Suzanne,
Andi is very motivating during both classes and individual training sessions. She offers a variety of classes and is able to challenge every individual with her recommendations based on your skill and strength level. I had never used Pilates equipment before and Andi made it unintimidating and very easy to learn to use.
The Complete Workout is the BEST

by Marty,
Andi’s classes have it all; pilates, aerobics, tibo, yoga, weights, stretching and
cool down. Very challenging but she makes you want to excel in her workouts
by working out harder than you do and with her positive attitude. The BEST!!!
Excellent all-around.

by Kathleen, August 20, 2008
I have worked out in a lot of gyms and with a lot of trainers over the years and Andi, by far, is the best. She is very knowledgeable, has an upbeat personality, and leads a challengine and fun workout. Her studio is well-set up and well equipped. Working with her is a highlight of our summer on the Cape.


by Pat Perry,
Andi – puts allot of energy into all her classes. Her studio is always pristine, her equipment in great shape, and the atmosphere is totally non-intimidating. The pilates class has helped strengthen my knees and that’s saying some. I would highly recommend her Pilate and pilate related classes.Wonderful place to work out.
by Ellen Ginsberg,
Friendly and comfortable atmosphere, personal attention, excellent and creative instruction.

Participant by Cornell,
Andi’s class is focused and fun!

by Constance Kremer,
Andi is as good as they get in classical Joseph Pilates technique. She has helped changed the shape of my body with both private and group sessions. I have never met someone so dedicated to fitness and well being.
by Bobbie,

Andi makes an hour go by quickly by using a variety of equipment and techniques.
In our private sessions, she is knowledgeable, attentive and focused on my specific needs. Thanks, Andi!

by Nick Athanassiou,
When I joined my first class with Andi three months ago I realized that I could barely move… Now, I can go through the entire class with a positive effort each time. Also, Andi has been increasing the level of difficulty and complexity along the way. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and patient with everyone. She has a way of getting you to “stretch” to the next level while making the experience very positive. You can’t go wrong here!

S. Cash
My son’s wedding was just wonderful. We had a great time & all went really smoothly. I met my goal to be my college graduation weight & actually beat it by two pounds – so I lost 32 pounds in the year of prep for the wedding & I felt fabulous.

B. Savage
Andi’s energy and enthusiasm are what keeps me going, and coming to class at 7 a.m. I have never before stuck with an exercise class, but And’s combination of Pilate’s, stretching, and her own routines have made all the difference to these old bones and flabby muscles. She does a great job of challenging people of all fitness levels and age.

Sharon Pellerin
Late last summer I developed hip bursitis.  I could not walk without a significant limp and the pain was constant.  I immediately began lap swimming one hour every day in the pool at Wily’s gym doing simple strokes at a slow pace. I also visited a chiropractor for treatment to realign my spine and restore my neurological response in the lower body.

These treatments relieved the pain significantly and  I was able to stop taking the anti-inflamatory medication Advil which was the only thing allowing me to walk and obtain treatment.  It took about 4 weeks to reach this point.  It was then that I asked my chiropractor for a referral for a Pilates Trainer.
I knew from past experience that this work would optimize my neurological response and rebuild core strength.  Dr. Sperry recommended that I work with Andi Hibbert .

I spent about four  weeks working with Andi three times a week. She designed a one-hour training session for me that included aerobics, bosu ball balance work, Pilates mat exercises, band work and weights.  It was focused on normalizing my neurological response, rebuilding my core strength, and strengthening my hips and thighs.  When I finished this work I felt like a new person. My limp disappeared, my stamina returned and I was able to resume walking which was and is my main means of exercise.

There’s nothing  better than having a skilled trainer design a personal program for you and then implement  the program and obtain the desired results. But there is another great part about working with Andi and that is her total focus on you and your progress.  She started me out simply and gently and then worked me harder as time and I progressed.  She also coached me on correct form and proper breathing for each movement.  Her studio is well equipped which allows your workouts to be varied and to remain interesting.  Andi also continues to develop her skills by taking classes and buying new equipment.

I highly recommend that you give her a call if you want to regain or maintain your physical condition.


Sue C., North Eastham
Last August, my son announced his engagement, with a wedding date set for the following September. When the Nauset Community Education announced the Fall Session, I looked for a class that would help me obtain my goal: before the wedding, lose the weight that had accumulated since my college graduation, some thirty years ago. I knew just watching my diet alone wasn’t going to accomplish this task. Andi Hibbert’s Complete Body Conditioning sounded like it would be a great motivator. And it has been.

At first, the class workout was overwhelming. Many of the movements I had never done before, but Andi provided detailed instructions for the movements as well as breathing techniques. She also provided optional moves, so that we can tailor the workout to our own level.

I saw an improvement a few weeks into the program. Although the weight wasn’t’t dropping, my shape was tightening up. Then as the weeks progressed into months, the weight did drop. And, as an added bonus, cholesterol blood work that my doctor ordered showed major improvements.

I’ve been in the program now eight months. I am now at the point where I try to work on form and technique, rather than just ‘survive’ the class. I feel fantastic. I’ve dropped from size 20-22 to 14-16. And I’m just five pounds short of my goal. And I have another three months before the wedding. Piece of (Wedding) Cake, so to speak .

“Andi’s classes have been a terrific help to my arthritic back and knees. She gives an excellent class with good, clear instructions, and no 2 classes are exactly the same so they are always interesting and never boring. Best of all, I’ve dropped inches from my hips and thighs and can now wear a size smaller pant!!”

I’ve been a patron of Willy’s Gym for about 8 years, faithfully rousing myself to attend a 7 a.m. fitness class geared primarily to older citizens. We’ve had a parade of instructors, some good, some excellent and some mediocre but none as fantastic as Andi Hibbert, who seems to combine all the things we need most:   stretching and strengthening every inch of our elderly bodies while keeping up a steady, encouraging and precise monologue.

Andi never lets us flounder.  She keeps a keen professional eye on every member of the class to make sure we know what we are supposed to do and are doing it properly.  She varies her routines so that we are always stimulated and she radiates kindliness and caring.   Andi always prepares for her class.  She is very professional and she is obviously very  well educated in her field.   Her enthusiasm is contagious.  We are all Pilates fans by now and very proud of out sit-ups!

On a scale of 1 -10  Andi is a definte 10.  My only fear is that she soon will become so successful and famous she won’t teach our class anymore!

Kathleen Rogers
Andi’s Personal Training sessions are fun and challenging–the challenge is part of the fun! Very well thought out and individualized workouts in an attractive and well-equipped studio. Andi is a focused, upbeat, and extremely knowledgeable trainer.

Nancy Thomas
I have been attending the Willy’s 8am Healthy U classes for about 5 years and I have found Andi’s Friday class to be a very good thorough work-out..She gives such clear instructions and cues for her exercises..She also gives a whole body work-out at a moderate pace for we seniors who want to keep muscle tone and flexibility. She is knowledgeable and caring and able to give individual attention to those with specific injuries or problems.

It’s a pleasure to be in her class even if she works us hard..She seems to know what our capacity is and is able to challenge us without making it too difficult. Thanks, Andi Pam Root Eastham “Five stars for Andi Hibberts’ Pilates class She provides personal attention to each member of the class. The program combines all facets of conditioning through a well planned series of stretches-strengthening and relaxation. This is a premier experience.”

R. Sullivan Eastham
Thanks for “coming our way” and giving excellent instructions in Total Body Workout on Wednesdays at Willys, Orleans. I have enjoyed your class more than you will ever know. Being one of the senior citizens, I can honestly say I am able to keep up with your routine, enjoy doing it with you and are so appreciative to have you as an instructor. I understand you will not be with us for the summer months; however, I certainly look forward to having you back with us once again in the fall.

Nancy Thomas
“Five stars for Andi Hibberts’ Pilates class She provides personal attention to each member of the class. The program combines all facets of conditioning through a well planned series of stretches-strengthening and relaxation. This is a premier experience”

Pam Root Eastham
I have been attending the Willy’s 8am Healthy U classes for about 5 years and I have found Andi’s Friday class to be a very good thorough work-out. She gives such clear instructions and cues for her exercises..She also gives a whole body work-out at a moderate pace for we seniors who want to keep muscle tone and flexibility.

She is knowledgeable and caring and able to give individual attention to those with specific injuries or problems. It’s a pleasure to be in her class even if she works us hard.
She seems to know what our capacity is and is able to challenge us without making it too difficult.
Thanks, Andi
I have been in Andrea’s class since its inception and would highly recommend her as a great instructor. She is perceptive of her pupil’s needs yet challenges us. I have watched her grow into a very competent professional.

Thanks again, Chris
Yes, Andi, we all have improved on our form, strength, fluidity, balance and alignment. As you know, some exercises are a bit of a challenge for me because of some of the surgery I’ve had. It is remarkable to me to discover how the body can compensate when presented with some limitations. Through your guidance, we can all safely feel our bodies become healthier and happier.