SPIN FIT – Just starting out or returning to Fitness?  This Class is for you!  Healthy Heart Rate training, with 35-45 minute SPINNING indoor stationary cycling class, followed by weight core conditioning.  See & feel the benefits of this addictive, non-impact program.  Obtain maximum healthy heart rate training and superior fat loss while burning an average of 500 calories per forty minute ride.  SPIN Training will improve your endurance and strength and Balance, while burning fat.  Heart Rate Target zones are closely watched to ensure that you are working at your proper level.  Heart Rate monitor required.  Bring water & hand towel.


SPIN FIT class was created 2004 specifically for my Mother in law and It saved her life!

Nana, who was at that time age 79 started Training once a week with Spin Fit , a class especially created for her. Nana did not know that in seven years she would have a horrible fall.                                                                             Nana had the strength to get up off the  frozen brick pathway and climb up three steps after falling backwards and cracking her head open. Mom’s Doctors have been amazed at her recovery after being in ICU for 9 days and then CCH and rehab for another three weeks.