Are you looking to improve your fitness level? Whether you are just starting out or returning to fitness, our Spin Fit class is perfect for you! Our class includes 35-45 minutes of indoor stationary cycling followed by weight core conditioning to help you achieve maximum healthy heart rate training and superior fat loss. You can burn an average of 500 calories per forty-minute ride while improving your endurance, strength, and balance. We closely monitor heart rate target zones to ensure that you are working at your proper level. This non-impact program is addictive and will leave you feeling the benefits. Our Spin Fit class was created in 2004 for a 79-year-old woman and it saved her life.


Nana, who started training with Spin Fit at the age of 79, is a testament to the effectiveness of this program. Seven years after starting, Nana suffered a terrible fall but was able to get up and recover thanks to the strength she gained through Spin Fit. Join us today and bring water and a hand towel to get started on your fitness journey.