Bosu functional training  private, semi private and small group and classes.                                    Whatever your fitness goals are, I will guide you through this class to implement the best training session for your fitness level.


Bosu an acronym for “Both Sides Up” it is a dome shaped platform, a flat round surface with half a stability ball on top, similar to a sunny side egg about 2 feet in diameter. Bosu will train your body in balance, stability and strength.

Bosu Training will help develop weak, uneven muscles in the core to help strengthen and prevent back injuries. This will help in gaining better Balance.  Bosu utilizes your stabilizer muscles, and core muscles like no other piece of exercise equipment and has officially been endorsed by the U.S. Ski team and is used throughout various athletic, professional training. BOSU has been endorsed by The U.S. Ski Team,  as well as the New York Knicks and the Dallas Cowboys have incorporated the BOSU in their training regimens.

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